"APSIS Lead grew our sales and attracted leads."

The company

Finnish company Otaverkko offers comprehensive technological know-how and high-quality solutions, which ensure the functionality and usability of their customers’ IT environment. 

The challenge

As a company, Otaverkko intended to grow. They also wanted to increase their sales and acquire new customers, paying special attention to reaching only interested customers.

”We were able to arrange noticeably more sales meetings than before, and reach customers who might otherwise have remained overlooked."
– Fredrik Slotte, Sales Manager, Otaverkko

The solution

Otaverkko had already been using APSIS Pro to increase and track their information flow through their newsletter sendings. The company also began using sales B2B solution APSIS Lead to monitor customers who showed an interest in their services on their website.

The result

“APSIS Lead let us receive valuable information on the companies that visited our website and the services that interested them. Sales increased tremendously, as our sales team could directly contact those customers who were already interested in us. Our workload got much lighter,” said Sales Manager Fredrik Slotte.

Features like the automated report function proved especially useful. “Thanks to the APSIS Lead report, it was easy to filter customers who had visited our website more than once,” said Slotte.

That the company was already using the highly compatible APSIS Pro to direct desired visitors onto their website was also a big factor in their success. “APSIS Lead told us when a customer had arrived on our website via our newsletter. Then we could retain the customer’s email address and get in touch with them directly," Slotte said.


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