"APSIS Pro activated our user base!"

Draftit lets businesses stay ahead of terms and conditions in Swedish legislation through their smart, internet-based tools. The company provides its customers with an online platform and support services related to Swedish legislation in areas such as human resources and education. Jonas Eriksson, Marketing Director of Draftit, says, “We want to be proactive and really help our customers by showing them what possibilities our platform has to offer.”

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The challenge

Draftit wanted their inactive users to become active customers and increase sales in a cost-effective way, as well as to engage their subscribers and provide value to them regularly.

"Email was the logical choice for us, as we had to get in touch with thousands of customers in a simple, quick and cost-effective way."
– Jonas Eriksson, Marketing Director, Draftit

The solution

Draftit started using APSIS Pro and APSIS Integrations to their CRM platform (Microsoft Dynamics). With the help of APSIS Pro, Draftit began reaching out and communicating with individual customers regularly. Product managers then analysed their email marketing data to define the communication focus for all other channels.

The result

The result for Draftit? “Our email campaign has had an incredible effect. Not only did we have a sales growth of several 100 000 SEK for one of the campaign stages, but we also reduced churn by 88%. We’ve calculated a 1200% total ROI of the campaign,” said Eriksson. The campaign also showed Draftit how they can use email to help customers discover the value they gain in using their platform.

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